How to accelerate Customer On boarding

The customer on-boarding process is an optimal time for strengthening customer relationships and developing new sales opportunities. With an exceptionally easy on-boarding process, customer decisions can be reinforced that are made during the sales process. This will not only open doors for up-sell and cross-sell possibilities, but also will invariably increase the customer lifetime value.

It takes a lot of effort and time to develop a superior and extraordinary process. Statistics show that many companies are stuck with disconnected systems and fragmented processes that makes customer on-boarding very complex and expensive. This often results in dissatisfied customers and huge loss in business.

customer on-boarding

Our company’s customer on-boarding software not only helps you automate and streamline the on-boarding process with a remarkable client experience, but also dramatically cuts the processing time, driving higher revenues and facilitating rapid response to change.

Incessant transforms the customer on-boarding journey for organizations

The industry’s unique software is offered by Incessant. Our company allows organizations to transform their customer on-boarding process for increasing productivity, taking advantage of market opportunities, driving profitability, and complying with changing regulations.

The on-boarding system of our company enables organizations to deliver outstanding and phenomenal customer experiences during closure of new business with greater efficiency. By providing easily configurable pre-built components, and KYC (Know Your Customer) controls, Incessant’s software accelerates the implementation of automated and customized on-boarding processes across varied geographies, products and channels.

So with our company, companies can:

  • Improve and boost the client experience with several intelligent processes that actively and dynamically guide client service teams and relationship managers at every step of a customer on-boarding process.
  • Increasing compliance by automatically applying to due diligence procedures with fully integrated KYC requirements.
  • Authorizing users to create and modify rules and processes without the help or need for coding from IT team.
  • Scaling efficiently with end-to-end automation and legacy system integration eliminating error-prone manual work.

What are the comprehensive capabilities for the customer on-boarding process?

The on-boarding software of our company offers very powerful functionality and easy-to-use tools to streamline and improve customer on-boarding. These are:

  • Processes that are pre-defined for reducing data capture time by pre-populating application forms
  • Account setup, correspondence generation, contract management, and user provisioning that streamlines account set-up end-to-end
  • Intelligent processes for qualifying a client once for multiple products
  • Rules that are based dynamically on the client profile to automatically drive document verification and due diligence, for reducing on-boarding time
  • Reporting and dashboards at different levels for providing visibility into all tasks and activities
  • New business components that are pre-built for automating execution of parallel and sequential tasks
  • All-channel services that seamlessly transition activities across channels and devices

Transform your customer on-boarding journey with the help of iCOB and give your customers a better experience. In addition, reduce manual effort, increase customer lifetime value, continually refine all the strategies and also minimize the complexity in processes. To know more email